We are Oregon's premier Cannabis distributor

We represent dozens of Oregon's finest cannabis makers

We provide cannabis to the majority of Oregon retail locations

Like it or not, the cannabis industry is growing up.


Our goal is to redefine how the cannabis industry views wholesale & distribution. Historically, anyone who came between you and your cannabis took an unreasonable-sized pinch from your sack, so it’s understandable that the role of middleman in the cannabis industry is a dubious one. But in a market as tumultuous as cannabis, having a dealmaker isn’t a necessary evil. It’s just necessary.


In today’s sophisticated cannabis market, most growers don’t have the resources to create differentiated and successful brands. They also struggle to track their costs and manage their inventory, which makes it all but impossible to comply with regulations, manage supplies and work with vendors efficiently. Sales is a logistical nightmare, with retailers scattered across the state. Flower is perishable. From the moment it’s harvested, the clock starts ticking.

We promote our brands in a suite of carefully curated complementary products, an approach that wields the strength of that diversified offering to increase the success rate for our individual brands. If our retailers need net terms, we facilitate that negotiation. We consider ourselves a direct partner to our vendors, with a deep level of responsibility for the success of our brands. Every decision begins with a simple question: Does this increase sales? For everyone involved: our growers, our vendors, our retailers. 


 We push lawmakers for clearer and fairer rules, and we are fighting for an end to federal prohibition.


Most of us came to this state and this industry from somewhere else, some of us with no backgrounds in cannabis and no connections in Oregon. We took leaps of faith. We know how scary that is. We know how to navigate change.


We are nimble strategists. We’re reliable systems makers. We’re thoughtful partners. We’re trustworthy allies. We work hard. We take our business and yours seriously.



We have been in this game. We support our industry, and our partners. We are the #PAPERPLANEGANG, and we've got your back.

For the hundreds of buyers we work with, across our nine sales territories, the team takes the work out of your vetting process. Our retailers can analyze 45 brands and hundreds of SKUs all at once. You can negotiate package deals, favorable net terms. Let us absorb the liabilities. We know retail and we are here to help with your needs. 


Our nimble, women-led endeavor understands exactly how the cannabis industry is changing. Rampant consolidation makes it harder for independent, women — and minority — owned, companies to thrive. It also creates unprecedented growth opportunities. We are always looking to the future, lobbying state and federal legislators, analyzing data, and planning for success for the entire industry.


Our pursuit of efficiency is relentless. That’s good our producers and processors, and it’s good for our buyers. It brings sanity to the Wild West of the cannabis industry, and safety to companies that face the shock of market tumult. In the prohibition era, all that mattered was not getting caught. Now, cannabis companies need to grow up to survive.


We love making things easy for our vendors, from design to sale, we constantly support our vendors.
We are here to help.


It's our job, to make your job easier. Our large product offering and support network allow you to spend time on the things that matter.


We are here for our industry. We are active in the community. And we are dedicated to helping make change happen.



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