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Meet Pete Kaiser — Sales Guru

Pete and Rich sit down for a heart to heart

Rich Ruiz sat down with our sales manager, Pete Kaiser to find out a bit more about what makes our sales guru tick. Words by Rich Ruiz —

Today we are highlighting Pete Kaiser who is the sales manager here at The Sweet Life. Pete stepped into the role of sales manager last September and has not skipped a beat. He manages very excited, motivated, and hungry sales reps which is no easy task. You can typically catch Pete either on the phone with a sales rep, in a meeting with a prospective client, or having a strategy session with a member of the sales team. His attention to detail, hard work ethic, and warm personality are what makes Pete so crucial to the team here at The Sweet Life. Word on the street is that Pete has some pretty sweet dance moves as well. If you see Pete around be sure to ask for proof.

What were you doing before working in the cannabis industry and what made you decide to make a career change?

I moved to Oregon from Washington, DC where I was the Director of Business Development for a commercial parking firm that specializes in leasing and managing parking garages - it was not a “sexy” job. When my wife was offered a position with a consulting firm that required her to be near a major airport on the west coast, we decided that Portland was the place we wanted to call home. I resigned from my job in DC and started looking for work in Portland. After a few months of striking out on the job search my wife suggested that I take a sabbatical from work to determine exactly what I wanted to do with my next career move. During that time I apprenticed with a concrete artist and quickly realized that I was not cut out for that type of job. Unbeknownst to my wife, I started looking for work in the cannabis industry. I met a couple of guys at the Cannabis Collaborative Conference that had a mobile trimming crew and they took me under their wing(s). I was just hoping to learn more about the plant and how it’s processed for sale. Ultimately I was looking for a role in the cannabis industry that would marry my passion for the plant and my sales skill set. I found my forever home at The Sweet Life as their Sales Manager.

What is it about cannabis that excites or motivates you?

The thing that excites me the most about cannabis is the potential it has to help people the same way it has helped me.

Name one thing about the cannabis industry here in Oregon that you would like to see change.

I would like the external markets impression of the people that work in the industry to change - not everyone is a stoner. We are professionals that use cannabis in a responsible manner.

How do you personally stay up-to-date on the most recent trends and changes happening in the cannabis industry, both locally and globally?

I use many different resources to keep my ‘sword sharp’. To list several resources; my industry mentors, BDS Analytics, my sales team, our clients and various publications.

If there was only 1 strain that you could consume for the rest of your life, what would that strain be and why?

Double Dutch Treat - It’s the one strain that I’ve consumed that has the traditional sativa effect on me. When I consume Double Dutch Treat it motivates me to clean my house, go for a hike or call someone that I may have lost touch with a while ago. Super heady!

Favorite pizza spot in Portland?

Scotties Pizza! Their DeFino “grandma style” pie is SO dank!!
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